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About Us

Beauty Inspire Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetics manufacturer located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our development and manufacturing facility comprises over 30.000 sq.ft.As an established leader in the cosmetics industry in Thailand, we rely on the latest in high-tech manufacturing equipment and dedicated professional staff, which includes doctors, pharmacists, scientists and engineers who are operational in both research & development and manufacturing.

In order to maintain our position as the preferred cosmetics original equipment manufacturer (OEM) , original design manufacturer (ODM) and to meet diverse market demands from professional dermatologists, cosmetologists, aestheticians and leading cosmetic brands, we provide a full range of product development services to accomodate any budget, from formulation to packaging and designas well as production, and marketing consultation services.

With our more than 8 years experience in cosmetics and skincare, we have more than 300 fomulars of skincare and spa product. We are specialized in almost all kinds of cosmetic such as Cleansing Product, Anti-Wrinkle Product, Face and body Spa Product, Sunscreen Product etc. We are able to issue the guaranteed certificate by every laboratory around the world. And we also have the expert team to take care of your order requirement and responsible for merchandising, consulting, ordering the product including contact and follow-up pass through our e-commerce system.

Our Quality


We are going to be the leader in the health & beauty business in a sustainable. On the path of business as socially responsible.

Out Vision


Dedicated to the production and selection of beauty and health products. Quality standards and safety for customers with good service and high technology.

Your Success is Our Inspiration


Beauty Inspire processes in excess of 5000 kg of raw materials a week and manufactures approximately 100.000 packaged and labeled skin care products on a monthly basis, ranging from body lotions, sunscreens, whitening products, acne products concealers, etc. to gender specific products or products for particular skin conditions.We have a large number of representatives working in business development and customer service related areas to enable us to sustain healthy relationships with all our clients.

We have an experienced management team consisting of chemical engineers, marketeers and business analysts working along side professional office staff taking care of our day to day operations.

As mentioned before, we consider our staff to be the driving force behind Beauty Inspire and our close relationship with each and everyone of the Beauty Inspire’ “family members” is instrumental in maintaining a pleasant working environment where everyone feels at home.


Beauty Inspire is dedicated to using only quality safe ingredients. The certificates were isued by the FDA in Thailand as well as by EMEA through London. International Codex GMP and ISO 9001:2008 certified . GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practise(s) In essence, the certificate is issued as a means of assuring that a company abides by the rules and regulations set forth by the authorities that impose quality control measures such as the FDA. Furthermore, being recognized as an internationally certified company, it also constitutes the right to export our products globally.

You can rest assured that as a certified company we strictly follow international GMP regulations and guidelines. Complying with GMP standards means you can expect the highest quality of cosmetic products and services available, guaranteed.

Beauty Inspire Group also subscribes to the White Ocean Strategy, which is the integrated organisational management approach which encompasses business vision, policy and operational strategy and seeks to cement a sustainable business philosophy into the culture of an organisation, ensuring long-term profit and integration in the community.

The business will be sustainable growth requires a combination of many things, but what is not broken. We must be sincere, honest customers. Partners and staff of all of us to grow together. For it is profitable. But our goal is not profit maximization. But to make the customer successful. Consumers gain the most with what I do to benefit society as a whole is what has always been our commitment. And we will continue to be involved in the organization of white society to move forward.

Naradol Jeamjairak

(Chief Executive Officer)

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